When you come to Park Hotell, it should feel like coming home. We want you to experience a familiar, homely feeling. The hotel, which opened in 1934, has been carefully renovated and we do our best to create the 1930s style in the public areas. Our guests appreciate that our comfortable hotel rooms are quiet and we are praised for being clean and fresh. Our lounge is a well-liked living room where you can bring your own drink and read the newspaper, watch TV or just relax.

Central location

The hotel is centrally located in the leafy park at Järnvägsparken, with Kristinehamn’s travel centre (Resecentrum) located across the street. Park Hotell is a good starting point if you are going to take the Inland Line railway or are on your way to the mountains. Walking paths, shops and restaurants are around the corner as well as several attractions.

Room for the whole family

It is the same distance to Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo from Kristinehamn. If you work in Kristinehamn or participate in a conference, we have the right room for you. Kristinehamn Arena often arranges training camps and tournaments for which we book affordable accommodation for the whole family. You can also go to the Arena to work out in the gym, play paddle tennis or swim.

Free parking

We have a large parking area just outside the hotel completely free from parking fees. You can easily park a bus or truck right outside.


In the morning we serve a cold breakfast buffet and if you feel like coffee or tea during the day, we of course offer it. You also have access to a refrigerator and microwave if you want to heat your own food.

We have no restaurant or bar, but can recommend a number of excellent restaurants within walking distance of the hotel. It is also possible to order a take-away.


Park Hotell is a dog-friendly hotel, so your four-legged friend is most welcome.


We guess that people here in Kristinehamn said “Welcome to Bro” to visitors in the 14th century. Bro (or Broo) was the name of the farm in the 14th century that was located where the current harbour and square is today in Kristinehamn.

In 1572 Duke Karl established a mill here and in 1582 he gave Bro its city charter. However, he soon changed his mind and just two years later in 1584 he revoked the charter.

Park Hotell in the 30s

It was not until 1642 that Bro got back its city privileges from Queen Kristina and the city was renamed Christinehamn.

Kristinehamn’s location by Lake Vänern and its large port have always been important, especially for iron production in Värmland. The Fasting market for iron goods opened in 1693.

Over the years the city has been damaged by several major fires. In 1777 almost the entire city burned down, and in 1893 about fifty farms went up in flames.

The railway was built in the middle of the 19th century and later became the starting point for the important Inland Line railway.

Finally, we also want to mention Kristinehamn’s nickname, which is Lusasken (the lice box). It may not seem so flattering, but the name refers to a collection box and that raised money for poor sailors. The money box was emptied on St. Lucia day in December every year and was called Lussassken in reference to Saint Lucia, a name that over the years was distorted to just Lusasken.