General booking terms and conditions. For group bookings, other rules apply according to a separate agreement with the organizer.

Booking and confirmation

Bookings can be made online, by e-mail or by phone. A booking is binding once it has been confirmed. An agreement has been made between the hotel and the guest, regardless of whether the guest has paid in advance or not.

Please inform the hotel in advance about special requests for rooms or anything else. For breakfast, the hotel wishes to know in advance if you have specific allergy concerns such as lactose intolerance, gluten-free requirement, etc.

Cancellation and no-show

Cancellation must be made 24 hours before arrival. In case of later cancellation or no-show, one day will be charged. If the hotel has incurred special costs due to the guest’s booking, the guest will be charged for these.

Check-in / check-out

Check-in from 15.00 or by appointment. The hotel entrance is always locked and can be opened with a code or by calling 0550 – 15060. At check-in, a key to the gate is also provided. The hotel has its own car park adjacent to the hotel. Check-out no later than 12:00 or by appointment.


Upon check-in, a valid debit card and identification must be presented.

Accessibility adaptation

The hotel building dates from 1934 and was not designed for the disabled, so the hotel is not accessibility adapted. A staircase leads up to the main entrance, but the hotel has three hotel rooms on the lower floor.

Your own safety

You should find out where emergency exits, alarm buttons and fire extinguishers are located. There is information on the inside of the hotel room door. If you discover safety deficiencies, please report this to the staff immediately.


Smoking may only take place at a designated place outside the entrance to the hotel. There is an absolute smoking ban in all areas of the hotel. Should smoking occur in the building, the automatic fire alarm is triggered. People who cause alarms due to smoking are responsible for all alarm, service and cleaning costs that smoking entails. The decontamination cost is SEK 4,000 and the triggering of a fire alarm (fire brigade call for a false alarm) is SEK 6,000 and is charged to the hotel guest.


In the event of any damage in the room or other spaces in the hotel, the guest will be charged the cost of the damage and / or decontamination as well as an administration fee of SEK 4,000.

Responsibility for property

Park Hotell has no responsibility for property stored in hotel rooms or in our other premises. The hotel is also not responsible for vehicles in the car park.

Rules of procedure / the right to refuse accommodation

Park Hotell is a small hotel where we want our guests to find peace and quiet at all hours of the day. Therefore, it is important that guests think about this and do not act disruptively. If guests are disturbed or cause concern among other guests or residents near the hotel, they may be expelled from the hotel. If any guest is expelled due to disruptive behaviour or neglect of their obligations under this agreement, the guest is not entitled to a refund.


If you want to get in touch with the staff during your stay, and no one is nearby, please call 0550-150 60.

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